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A message from Bill Graham & RWF

We are reaching out to ask for your help in a very specific way. We need to increase our education and awareness, engagement, and influence to grow all our online Renaissance Wilmington Foundation social media platforms. That will make the advertising and blogging we are currently executing online reach a broader audience.

We truly are dedicated to our mission of making the Wilmington Region a world class community to live, work and play.  Here are the ways to help and support RWF:


Frequently visit and read Renaissance Wilmington Foundation website. We now have several blogs posted addressing Wilmington topics!


Social Media (Click links below to get started)

1) LIKE or FOLLOW all our social media profiles:


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4) Why it is IMPORTANT to LIKE & FOLLOW all our profiles?

  • Reach

  • Education & Awareness

  • Connectivity

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  • Optimization (technical advantage)


Contact RWF to Volunteer

Call (202) 658-7640




All donations are appreciated and used directly to advance these Renaissance Wilmington Foundation economic and community development efforts.  



Bill Graham

Mission: Collaborating to fulfill greater Wilmington's potential.

Vision: A world class community.

Renaissance Wilmington Foundation (“RWF”) is a 501c3 nonprofit foundation established in Wilmington North Carolina in 2015. In a region with more than 1000 nonprofit social service organizations, only RWF is focused exclusively on the future of the region, based on research that distinguishes regions of the country that thrive. RWF derives from the preceding efforts of Vision 2020, the Waterfront Task Force and the Cape Fear Future Commission. 

RWF’s Moonshot is a plan for exponential acceleration of actions the Wilmington Region must accomplish to thrive. Consistent with its Mission, RWF seeks region-wide collaboration, fine tuning and implementation of the Moonshot.