Vision 2020 called for activating the River. Adding a handsome Boathouse already designed, on the northern periphery of the planned Northside Park on the River, will do it. The region has a growing rowing club membership, new Hawaiian Outrigger club, kayakers, canoers and students who need this, while adding visual beauty and healthy recreation to our region.

The “Central Park” our region needs, is under siege by development efforts. RWF is represented in a core leadership team effort to provide the balance of preservation, education and recreation this unique national treasure affords, as an alternative to commercial development.

Cape Fear Museum, Maritime and Marine Sciences Museum

New Hanover County has a new building planned at its Library property downtown where our invaluable Cape Fear Museum resources can be safely relocated to more accessible space. Adding Maritime and Marine Sciences there or on another accessible location will add an amenity of historic relevance and high economic development value.

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