Wilmington Region Moonshot


Wilmington NC has experienced a renaissance in recent years. The region is prospering and
the “Quality of Life, Quality of Place” aspects are now recognized as among the more desirable
nationally. Tourism is at a peak and rising.

• Where should we go from here?
• Population growth is estimated at fifty percent over the next twenty years.
• How can we create a world-class community?
• Renaissance Wilmington Foundation advocates a “Moonshot”—a leadership driven agenda of
exponential actions that accelerates creating a world-class community.


The main components are:

• Adding a first-rate Engineering School to our excellent University of North Carolina Wilmington

• Create extensive research and development partnerships between the private sector and the

• Target IT growth while building on our existing knowledge worker clusters, including fintech,
biotech and life sciences, marine biology, health sciences, aerospace, energy and material

• Expand and redirect regional economic development in support of the exponential growth

• Create an International Center for Executive Development to bring world-class leaders here
and develop world-class leaders here.