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Great Leaders Coming To Inspire Us & Change Wilmington. Note: VISIT DATES TO BE RESCHEDULED

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

We are pleased to give you an introduction to the next speakers in a series that is targeted to propel the Wilmington Region into a future as a Center for International Executive Development. Not just for business, but leadership development for every activity we engage in, men, women, all of us.

The series began with Marshall Goldsmith on February 28 at the Swain Center. Those of us who had the good fortune to be there heard “America’s Most Influential Business Speaker” engage the audience in two hours of interaction that was fresh, thought provoking, mind opening. When the session was over, a standing ovation. The audience lingered, sharing their own impressions and highlights with friend and stranger alike, reluctant for it to end.

Here are two further treats we have ahead for you:

Rob Nail, the CEO of Singularity University will be speaking at UNCW Lumina Theater on September 19, at 9:30 am. Time to “Save the Date”.

Rob Nail, CEO of Singularity University

Why? Rob is a great speaker and member of “Marshall Goldsmith’s MG 100” He’s a Singularity University founder, working together with Silicon Valley’s brightest and most innovative to help us effect exponential change—the kind of bold and impactful actions that allow people and institutions to break down barriers, achieving much more than “business as usual”. Not just for business, these principles apply to relationships, clubs, our everyday lives.

A lot of us know names of change makers like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Rob works with Ray Kurzweil, inventor, visionary and articulator of the “Singularity” and Dr. Peter Diamandis, known for the X Prize. Look them up. Together, their conferences and Singularity affiliates across the world address health, technology, science and human progress at a pace of evolution such that those of us who follow them feel the need always to be in attendance, knowing how much we will otherwise miss.

So, Rob Nail is coming to us, and will tell us about Singularity. He will also share his expertise about “Creating a Community for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sustainability”. In other words, how our region can be a leader in AI, with well-paying jobs and economic development. AI will change all of our lives, much more in positive ways than not. Hear Rob and grow more comfortable with change, the accelerating constant in our times.

That’s not all!

Sally Helgeson, called by Forbes Magazine “The World’s Premier Expert on Women's Leadership,” will be speaking at the Swain Center, UNCW, on October 3 at 9:30am. Be sure to “Save that Date” as well.

Sally Helgeson's new book is titled "How Women Rise"

Sally Helgeson’s fourth book, “How Women Rise”, recently co-authored with Marshall

Goldsmith, is already a best seller. As coach and distinguished speaker, she has run programs at Harvard, Smith College, Northwestern; universities in Stockholm and Melbourne; and for the UN in Asia and Africa. Her message needs to be heard by all women—and those who work with them—that would be the rest of us.

Our blog from February 19, Moonshot Recommendation #5, Building an International

Executive Development Center in Wilmington, further explains this strategy. With these first three world-class speakers, all will be able to see—this Moonshot is well launched. Please join us.

These speakers are attracted by our own MG 100 author and coach, Dr. Terry Jackson, JCG Consulting Group, working with UNCW Swain Center and invaluable sponsorships by community leaders, such as PPD and NHRMC, and support from AI Bridge and

Renaissance Wilmington Foundation.

Bill Graham

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