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Moonshot Recommendation #5: Create an International Executive Development Center in Wilmington

Series Launches Feb.28 with Marshall Goldsmith, “America’s Most Influential Business Speaker"

If Wilmington is to become a “World Class” community in the sense we advocate, it has to become a place that attracts the thought leaders from academia, business, public and private sector, nationally and internationally. They must have a memorable engagement with our community, bringing their networks and followers, and appreciate the quality of place and potential our region represents. In effect, to then “spread the news” that the Wilmington region is a special place.

Let’s be specific. We have an upcoming visit that is the perfect kickoff to a multi-speaker, multi-year program being developed to advance the effort to make the Wilmington region an international executive development center. Marshall Goldsmith, widely acclaimed as “America’s most influential business speaker” will present a pubic, ticketed seminar at UNCW’s Lumina Theatre at 9:30 am on February 28 2019. It will be followed by two days of management seminars at PPD. Goldsmith has a unique world reputation as author, professor, executive educator and coach. He has authored 35 books, worked with 150 major public company CEO’s, developed the “360 degree feedback system”, and recently concluded a successful world-wide search for the “Top 100 Coaches”, attracting 16,000 applicants to build a legacy of continuity in business thinking. 

For ticket information, click here:

Wilmington is home to one of the chosen Top 100 Coaches, an expert in Executive Development, including speaking, writing and coaching of CEO’s and senior staff. His name is Dr. Terry Jackson, of JCG Consulting Group.

Thanks to Dr. Jackson for Marshall Goldsmith’s visit. Dr. Goldsmith is the perfect lead speaker to begin this program. We expect to have a steady succession of the world’s leading executive development experts bringing their associates and clientele here. The outcome; reputation building that would justify a Center here attracting leaders from all over the world, with rich benefits for our corporate leaders and the region as a whole. 

Full disclosure: Dr. Jackson serves on the Board of Renaissance Wilmington Foundation. RWF is a co-sponsor of the event with UNCW’s Swain Center, PPD, Star News Media, and JCG.

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