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Opioid Crisis Data, Wilmington NC Region

Taking a Break From Writing About our Future to Face the Past and Present

After 25 blogs posted on our website this year, we remain no less committed to urging our Wilmington Region to an exponential leap forward to the future, and identifying the steps we must take to get there.

But we cannot ignore the Opioid Crisis, which has had our region in its grip and diverts many of our best and brightest leaders from steering our future while they deal with the fierce struggle to rescue their own families, friends, patients and clients from this ravaging addiction that has created havoc all around us.

The following Compilation by County from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Database shows from 2006-2012 that:

Following are critical details:




The data is from 2006-2012; Over 100,000 deaths from Opioid overdoses were reported during that period nationally. We are still in the early stages of litigation to determine responsibility among Distributors, Manufacturers, Pharmacies and others for the abuses. Assuming the data is correct, we see that small local Pharmacies alone could receive and distribute as many as an astonishing 5 million prescription oxycodone and hydrocodone pain pills. And, of course, the effects are still ravaging our region as well as the country as a whole, seven years later.

We owe a debt of gratitude to The Washington Post for the screen shots above from their research of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Database, as first reported on 7/16/19, and their continuing series of articles. This kind of investigative journalism has virtually disappeared, and followed a year of resistance from the Drug Companies, the DEA, and the Justice Department.

Renaissance Wilmington Foundation encourages all interested parties to access the database and take appropriate actions.

Bill Graham

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