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Support Renaissance Wilmington Foundation on AmazonSmile

If you use, there's a no-hassle way for you to contribute to Renaissance Wilmington Foundation.

Through the AmazonSmile program, you can designate the Renaissance Wilmington Foundation to receive (as a donation) 0.5% of the price of all Amazon purchases you make. Your purchase costs remain the same, and there's no need to bookmark any long URLs or remember any codes--just click this link or follow the instructions at to sign up.

Once you've named Renaissance Wilmington Foundation as your non-profit of choice, shop Amazon via to make your purchases. If you're on the webpage for an Amazon product, you can replace with in the URL to switch over to AmazonSmile.

Most Amazon products (except for subscription-based services) are eligible for donations through AmazonSmile. Google Chrome users may also want to install the SmileAlways browser extension.

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