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Where Do You Think the Wilmington Region Economic Development Showcase Should be Located?

What is it? A place where we could display our latest and greatest accomplishments in the region. Corning’s amazing uses for glass, current or recent TV and Movies produced here, Live Oak bank affiliates “fintech” demos, GE products, NHRMC health breakthroughs and so much more. Your ideas welcome!

Why is it important? We have a constant stream of visitors who may be motivated to move their businesses here based on what they see is being done here. Great jobs, talent moving here, our regional reputation enhanced as well.

In our Moonshot Recommendation #4 (See RWF homepage, blog tab for access), we emphasize that our rethought economic development strategy needs to emphasize our leading businesses and economic clusters. The Economic Development Showcase would do that. It would be a place where officials could take our visitors, but also a place we could take our friends, family and visitors to see the changing displays and the best of what’s new here. 

It will also be useful to have an online equivalent for remote outreach to interested out-of-towners. That could be additive to the Chamber on line site, and Convention and Visitors Bureau materials. The online version could include contact info to see the actual Showcase or how to visit with Economic Development executives, including making appointments.

Where should it be? If the Grace Project final design has the Library and Museum adjacent, the Lobby area connecting them could be planned for the Showcase. Each selected participant could design and update their own exhibits, and new displays could replace old ones to keep the Showcase current and inspiring. Other locations could include the County Office complex, the Convention Center, the CFCC Union Station lobby. Your ideas are welcome on where it should be, as well as who and what should be exhibited. Please email with any comments.

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