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Why Do We Need a “Moonshot”?

Looking beyond hurricane recovery as we must do, Wilmingtonians can rightly view their Region with a sense of satisfaction. We have come so far from where we were a few years ago. We have weathered a devastating economic downturn, are recovering rapidly from Hurricane Florence, and new developments and employment opportunities are emerging. Our Riverwalk and Downtown are a source of pride and no longer a negative. Forecasters tell us our population will increase by 50% by 2030, not far in the future. These are usually the harbingers of a bright future.

But are they? What kind of growth is likely to occur? And do we care? If you were responsible for planning a course for Wilmington to follow, would you want to direct the growth towards our strengths in tourism and retirement, or would you want to see Wilmington become a more balanced economy with more high paying jobs and a better set of economic opportunities for all? And what are the trends telling us about the likelihood of achieving better balance, if that is your choice?

The Board of Renaissance Wilmington Foundation considered these questions and concluded that we are a Region with unlimited potential if we collaborate in implementing an agreed plan. We call that the World Class Region option, and we want you to join with us to make it happen. Next, we will examine the research data and why we feel we must act.

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