The photos above illustrate segments of an existing track bed that has been removed.  It begins at the foot of Water Street in downtown Wilmington at Cape Fear Community College.  After a short distance as a pathway on the college campus, the abandoned track bed proceeds under Third Street and continues out to the vicinity of Tenth Street.  This project awaits funding and approval by the City Council.  RWF believes this project should be elevated to highest priority and developed as an extension of the City's bike path system ASAP. 


Existing recommended bike path access to and from the City is presently on Ann Street, a narrow, brick street with a very dangerous crossing at Third Street.  Developing this bike path will open up the Brooklyn Arts District and Northside while providing a safer popular connector to the City's bike trail system.

RWF believes this development in conjunction with creating a more bike-friendly downtown will be a strong draw for tech and other knowledge workers who are known to prefer bikes to autos as a means of transportation.