Renaissance Park at Embassy Suites Hotel, Wilmington, NC


RWF was invited by the City to submit a plan to develop the park area on the Riverwalk directly in front of the Embassy Suites Hotel at the Convention Center. RWF believes having an exceptional park at that location will attract the thousands of visitors to the Convention Center, Embassy Suites and Parking Garage as well as visitors from the Riverwalk.


The Park will be an enticing entry to the City. Visitors will venture onto the Riverwalk and be introduced to the exceptional appeal of the Wilmington region. The landscape architecture firm of Howard T. Capps & Associates has voluntarily assisted us with a plan for an elegant park.


The City and State have approved the design for the park shown above.  We are in the process of discussions with interested parties who may be sponsors or co-sponsors of the park.


Working name for the park is Renaissance Park. Final plans and name for the park are subject to final approvals and financing outcome, but RWF believes the community will support a Renaissance Park.